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Unlike regular NYN material, this is melodic death metal. I've been sitting on this material for a long time, waiting for the right moment, and it finally felt right to put it out. I hope you enjoy it.


released August 24, 2015

All songs written and produced by Noyan, except "Bitter Metallic Side" by Antti Kokko of Kalmah.

Artwork by Alex Pryle.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Collide With the Sun
When the darkness fills our eyes
And we see the pain within
We clash with our own fate

Though sorrow makes us bleak
And claws into our veins
We stand and let it bleed

To drown our agony
Get drunk with aching glee
Salvation from the pain
Hope is not in vain

The shadow won't prevail
If you never let it in
Or so you tell yourself
You can't let it win

Day by day you break
And pick the pieces up
Put it back together
Even if they slash your hands

One step forward each day
Just don't ever look back
But when it all becomes easier
Then you collide with the sun

Shadows weave your way
Breaking every reprieve
When you think it's done
You collide with the sun

Striving for reprieve
Darkness is your grave
Do not stray away
Bittersweet is pain

Moments of brightness absolve
Eternity of darkness drowns
Fly away from grief
Fall and cripple your dreams

Striving for hope
Collide with the sun
Track Name: Spirit Of The Forest
Do you remember
When it all used to be so simple?
When the innocence of our dreams
Was incorruptible?

There was a place where we were sheltered
from the darkness

Then we had to grow out into the cold machines that churn like a disease
upon our spark losing our touch with what made us unique

Now to relive the spirit of the forest
To become whole again like we used to

The pain was numb back then
It was there but we couldn’t perceive it
As it choked our breath
Like vines of corruption seeping within
We used to listen to the song of the wind
Feeling the breath of our souls within

Now we need so much from our surroundings
Satisfaction chained by a million bindings

Do you remember
When the song spoke to you
And the swans carried you?

Is your soul so charred and black
that you can’t find your way back

We’ll sing and dance
Just like old times
With no care or conscience
Just serenity in the forest
Track Name: Plight of the Stars
Our gaze shifts to the skies
Under the disguise
of the clouds in our eyes

We try to find our direction
but the darkness is such a grim distraction

Our path in the galaxy set by the reactions of infinite abstractions

The cosmic plans fall into black holes
As our species veers from its souls

When there is no way to go
When we’ve lost to our own ego
Track Name: As Enchantments Fail
When the veil drops and all you see
Is the naked truth of what you must be
No way to escape the pain of ennui
We will grow callouses as soldier on

We can just hope
That we can escape and the find the spirit that enlifts us

As enchantments fail

We taught ourselves to fall
And without hope we will

Little constructs of lies that we build
All the dreams that we left unfulfilled
The blood from our sins building up
As our frustated psyche erupts
Track Name: Bitter Metallic Side (Kalmah Cover)
And life goes on with harmony
Day after day those same routines
And lifetime filled with happiness
The most greatest joy

So great is the sea so small your boat
But you don´t know if you don´t row
And so great is the sky above your blue eyes
But you can´t see behind the lies

In the smallest crack of your life´s track
Is a chance for me to attack
Now the time is right for you to say
Your last goodbyes

Face yourself, your own dreams
I am your real demon hidden in your mind
I´ll show you my own world, I´ll take you down to the
Bitter metallic side

You´re lying next to me and you´re too good to me
And I think you know I can´t let you go


But don´t throw away your last coin
I have to do this all my own
I only want you to know
I´m buried deep down in your soul

Bitter metallic side
Bitter metallic side