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by NYN

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Cataclysmical Fundamentally, I enjoyed this album - particularly the song 'Reborn in Apathy'. Furthermore, I personally feel that the vocals correspond well to the instrumentation, however - I do believe that for some, it may take a few listens to accustom oneself to the unique vocals. Overall, an excellent album! Favorite track: Reborn in Apathy.
Poesy Rider
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Poesy Rider Encore une fois la preuve, si besoin il y avait, que brutal ne veut pas forcément dire bourrin. Par contre, il est clair que si NYN était un bonbon ce serait sans conteste un Fisherman's friend. Enfin, je veux dire en toute éventualité. Favorite track: Reborn in Apathy.
Morgan Griesser
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Morgan Griesser Nayan's composition and musicality is amazing. I'm noticing a trend that artists that have endorsments from Etherial Guitars are generally pretty amazing. And the Album art is some of the most epic ever, up there with ROS. Favorite track: Death of the Nomadic.
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Aftermath 01:50
The aftermath is an eventuality unavoidable The aftershock counter reaction When two monoliths clash neither will waver Those caught in between will be crushed The construction unquestionable The argument that made itself Veracity self defining Manipulation self deceiving Reborn in apathy one's weakness can be overcome Death of the nomadic lifestyle will pave the future But recursive struggles hold us back Illusions of blind sight mislead In torrential flames we rebuild our persona Defeat the sword of oppression that has been unsheathed And we reach the closure we planned all along
The place where unprepared hearts go to die The weakness that cripples with doubt Emptiness driven by fragility Forced to live clad in apathy Time is the engineer of Hindsight that burns inside And makes us hollow One step is enough to fall Downward spiral Taking all that you have made And then the void consumes What we have made is of no value Daggers of cold nothingness Stabbing endlessly bleeding us out Claustrophobia from within Cutting lashing clawing scratching Trying desperately to feel But the ice is too deep to be Thawed by only the care of one Lack of compassion drives us Apart as we wither Cutting lashing clawing dying When you don't feel how do you stop? The downfall of our species is Imminent if we cannot change Give yourself to the calm Cut out your past regrets Be reborn in apathy
Destroying what your mind perceives as indispensable ...withheld by ignorance, forced denial Preyed on by merchants of bold-faced deceit Breaking the cycle of indoctrination They're liars they're peddlers of doubt In a world governed by nonsensical thought Circuitry eroded with the acid of poison tongues Fresh neurons shoehorned away from the question Pathways built upon illusionary foundation And a zeitgeist that self-reinforces Stone pages, wound hearts, the recipe of hatred The battles fought between kindred crossborn The masterminds amass crimson currencies Wrought by the souls of marionettes Take all your profit and cast it from your heart Seize the common man take their minds Exchange rates between indulgentia and sanguinea Commission taken by dominus ex cathedra Archaic historical constructs Yet applied the future it obstructs There is one way to go The promise of the recreant hypocritical frauds To amplify alienation with discriminant fate Can you absolve idolatry from bigotry Soul unity felled in one strike, faith misapplied Apostatic repression is the cure for the oppression Deeply cursed decrepitude contaminates manuscripts turns to spite Sublime, innocent, all-forgiving; elaborate deceit Self-awareness is bleeding lacerated by the spiritual strife Apostatic repression is the cure for the oppression Deeply cursed decrepitude contaminates manuscripts turns to spite Those who violate free will deserve to languish in pits of human waste Our solemnity is erased And as we turn to illumination We are freed from the shackles of oblivion
Time flows constantly, it doesn't care about people who are struggling If strength is justice, then is powerlessness a crime? If happiness had a form, what would it look like? It might be something like glass because one doesn't notice it normally However it is actually there, as proof, if you look at it From a different angle, glass will reflect light. It will state its presence and existence More eloquently than any other thing in this world This world will change and I'll be the one to change it Never count on reversing, arrested, flaccid relations fallaciously Is it creed that blinded you? If not, why won't you prevent injustice? Genocide, self destruct, turn your back on your kind The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed The world can't be changed with pretty words alone Don't mistake borrowed power for your own ability People don't give a damn about reasons, but nobody can resist miracles When there is evil in this world that justice can't defeat Would you taint your hands with evil to defeat evil? Or would you remain steadfast and righteous Even if it means surrendering to evil? The trick of real combat is that everyone is human The world is destined for even greater chaos Before creation there must be destruction If my soul stands in the way, then I'll toss it aside
Perception of a stimulus is not just a conscious reaction Within the chambers of the mind the transmitters resonate The self is just a ghost that wanders these halls Aimlessly hanging up paintings without knowing their purpose Directed by the architecture of the brain Thinking it makes its own path The seed of thought implanted in the floors Its roots slowly absorbing The roots of thought absorbing conscience But one's reactions echo within the vast corridors Some of the echoes resonate within the ghost Most of them are too subtle or too obvious for it to perceive But the halls always know, they see and feel The geometry of the mind reshaping itself subtly Even though the ghost can not lay its gaze Even though the ghost thinks itself singular It is but a product of chemistry and circuitry The ghost constructs a castle within the walls Names itself king of a figmental domain It constructs phantasmal citizens from hallucinations Declares itself their sovereign Rules over vacant halls in an empty throne It creates enemies, benefactors Gods to pray to, sins to defer to Comforts that heal, superstitions so real Yet the halls are empty as ever, cold and uncaring The echoes of the ghost, the false king, the dreamer, the believer Every time the walls resonate they get louder Slowly driving it mad as the crescendo becomes unbearable The king orders the populace culled No one to be left alive Tries to atone for sins committed, worship the deities created The empty chambers watch the ghost as it slowly spirals away Driven by its own creations, its own twisted fiction The ghost tears its dreamt-up castle down on itself Bleeds itself dry, crushes its own will Unable to cope with the pressure, the pain The ghost ends its existence in vain Yet the halls were still empty There was nothing there It was all sight while blind Your existence is vain Your existence is in vain
In search of a purpose To fill a hollow existence Archetypal descending helix Revolving too swiftly as it drains the all of the nectar From the exposed threads of a life Endless black towers being constructed Away from the gaze that kindles all dreams Endless black towers being constructed Away from the gaze of all hope The defense of one's fundamental component Eroded unjustly withheld force Without forbearance As the skies part making way for piercing flames Not visible to naked eyes Only to those who know suffering all too well We know it all too well Shackles inserted into the flesh viscerally Their weight a burden unsurpassable Searing the skin boiling the blood crumbling the bone Drinking the marrow twisting the organs The elusive revelation of reprieve inconceivable Its existence a sore mark on the soul, body and mind The distance is absurdly tremendous The walls of the inner prison imploding with immense force Crushing the vessel yet sparing the essence Only to condemn it to further torment The immutable blackness of doubt, weakness, pain Blinds all that shines Until no spark of existence remains to fuel the spirit Choking the will to within an inch of release
Our greatest foe is Hidden in plain sight We turned our eyes to the sky As we fight But as we turned away From each other Our backs were vulnerable To the predators within us And so begins the tale of emotional cannibalism Threads that bind the enervated Become undone By the passion Of the voracious Our structure inherently flawed When a pillar Becomes an individual The tower of flesh collapses A failure of compassion We blame demons and gods But the failures are all our own The components clash Hidden by weakness Our nature is based on Survival of the fittest Trampling our own brethren And the pain took its toll as it struck And desire paved our road full of loss A system built on A flawed machine That seeks its self destruction Can not succeed Rip it out, break it down Into the depths of the Fragile human psyche We designed our process And shook hands But hands mean nothing When severed and bleeding And the pain took its toll as it struck And desire paved our road full of loss Nightmares are but a product Of the dreamer's own propensities The yearning for dominance At the expense of consistency How are we different From the ancient evil That tried to enslave us With control?
Domination opens the road to perversion Paved on the blood of subservience Supplanting the need for oversight as it's cast aside Flesh and sound of people, but with soul of fiends Vampires of human dreams As they conspire against their own kind sowing the seeds of The downward spiral of the human species and in time, the rest of the planet A dire collision, society has ensured that those with power will bring The downward spiral of the human species and in time, the rest of the planet A dying hope, these tears The enlightened plead yet they are drowned in doctrine Tyranny strengthening its grip as we choke into obedience Settling into its throne fists clenched crushing all dissent Sacrificed forced to lie to realize tunnel vision All these years misled into a false sense of peace Sustaining a false foundation And then your eyes gaze upon light of truth and now you hope, with a new sense of life As time has shown every rule comes to an end be it just, cruel or inert And sometimes the people will assert their own freedom and they will prosper through adversity That being said, this comes with the price of revolution Tearing out the roots that drain A cause that animates change is worth dying for Overthrowing leeches of mirth is worth fighting for See through the lies and take up arms Do not fear the vultures, for they depend on your suffering cries Ultimately powerless, they'll shrivel and die Pathetic, weak, lies and deceit their weapons of controlling Our will won't die even if our body crumbles Traitors to your own kind, we won't forget your crime Blood is a pact that binds, not a way to profit and hide Contempt and neglect towards entreaties of the masses will never slide Struggle to suppress the truth but the truth can never die Avarice, malignance and force can only take one so far Underestimation of the drive of defiance Disparage dissenters as boorish and be on the receiving end of the sword of the exploited As it decapitates you
Part 1: Justice as Planned (Hayato) ———————————————— この我に 与えられた 万民を 裁く力 我が下す絶対なる 裁きから逃れられはしない 逃しはしない 罪深き 愚かなものたちに 生きる 価値等無い 私に課せられた この世界を 浄化する この使命だけは必ず 貫き通してみせる この世界を 作り 変えるのだ 微々たる 悪をも許さぬ正義で Kono wareni ataerareta banning sabaku chikara warega kudasu zettainaru sabaki kara nogare rarewa shinai nogashiwashinai tsumibukaki orokana monotachini ikirukachinadonai watashini kaserareta konosekaiwo joukasuru konoshimeidakewa kanarazu tsuranukitoshitemiseru konosekaiwo tsukurikaerunoda bibitaru akuwomoyurusanu seigide ———————————————— The power I was given to judge anybody From my judgement no one can escape I won’t let anyone get away Sinful ones do not deserve lives I will complete my mission to purify this world, no matter what cost I will re-make the world with the absolute justice Part 2: The God Complex (Noyan) ———————————————— Suffer at every choice Soulless separation Ending it as it's begun There is no sign of life There is no salvation Choosing those who are worthy to live this day Who is to say? You create your own justice There is no way that you can believe What are you telling to the people you're sentencing To the otherworld? Suffer your own misfortune Exit the God Complex Write the names down Pass your judgment The lust for power turns you into a god Or you might as well be one So you think that you can judge Your fellow man And you will be the the light of this world If you saw the frame of reference For just an individual We gather together and Gain our free will from nothingness Write down the names Everyone who disagress with the ideal world Is an infidel They must be struck down With great prejudice To the otherworld Suffer your own misfortune Exit the God Complex Write the names down Pass your judgment


Oppression Unsheathed video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqi4Gp25Tbo
Playthrough of Death of the Nomadic www.youtube.com/watch?v=cus0dxrSuLU


released November 18, 2014

All instruments and vocals written, performed, programmed and produced by Noyan (except otherwise noted).

Solo on Blind Sight by Christian Muenzner.
Guest vocals on Closure, Just as Planned by Hayato Imanishi.

Reborn in Apathy and Oppression Unsheathed written by Noyan and Ali Mete.

Artwork by Mark Cooper.

Special thanks to: Ali Mete, Hayato Imanishi, Christian Muenzner, Nick Budosh, Eric Hendricks, Anthony DiGiacomo, Ian Wilmot, Jimmy Rowe and the rest of Heavy Blog, Francesco Filigoi, Colin Kauffman, Kyle Gaddo, Eden Kupermintz, Tommy Wills, Tre Watson, Brian Shields and everyone else who helped make the album happen and helped me along my journey of making my music turn from imagination to reality.

Also thanks to: Etherial Guitars, Claas Guitars, Skervesen Guitars, .strandberg* Astral EXR Systems, Parker Guitars


all rights reserved


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