Blind Sight (feat. Christian Muenzner)

from by NYN

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Perception of a stimulus is not just a conscious reaction
Within the chambers of the mind the transmitters resonate

The self is just a ghost that wanders these halls
Aimlessly hanging up paintings without knowing their purpose

Directed by the architecture of the brain
Thinking it makes its own path
The seed of thought implanted in the floors
Its roots slowly absorbing
The roots of thought absorbing conscience

But one's reactions echo within the vast corridors
Some of the echoes resonate within the ghost
Most of them are too subtle or too obvious for it to perceive
But the halls always know, they see and feel

The geometry of the mind reshaping itself subtly
Even though the ghost can not lay its gaze
Even though the ghost thinks itself singular
It is but a product of chemistry and circuitry

The ghost constructs a castle within the walls
Names itself king of a figmental domain
It constructs phantasmal citizens from hallucinations
Declares itself their sovereign
Rules over vacant halls in an empty throne

It creates enemies, benefactors
Gods to pray to, sins to defer to
Comforts that heal, superstitions so real

Yet the halls are empty as ever, cold and uncaring
The echoes of the ghost, the false king, the dreamer, the believer

Every time the walls resonate they get louder
Slowly driving it mad as the crescendo becomes unbearable

The king orders the populace culled
No one to be left alive
Tries to atone for sins committed, worship the deities created

The empty chambers watch the ghost as it slowly spirals away
Driven by its own creations, its own twisted fiction
The ghost tears its dreamt-up castle down on itself
Bleeds itself dry, crushes its own will

Unable to cope with the pressure, the pain
The ghost ends its existence in vain

Yet the halls were still empty
There was nothing there
It was all sight while blind

Your existence is vain
Your existence is in vain


from Eventuality, released November 18, 2014
Guest solo: Christian Muenzner



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