Closure, Just as Planned (feat. Hayato Imanishi)

from by NYN

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Part 1: Justice as Planned (Hayato)


この我に 与えられた 万民を 裁く力
我が下す絶対なる 裁きから逃れられはしない


罪深き 愚かなものたちに 生きる 価値等無い

私に課せられた この世界を 浄化する
この使命だけは必ず 貫き通してみせる

この世界を 作り 変えるのだ 微々たる 悪をも許さぬ正義で

Kono wareni ataerareta banning sabaku chikara
warega kudasu zettainaru sabaki kara nogare rarewa shinai


tsumibukaki orokana monotachini ikirukachinadonai

watashini kaserareta konosekaiwo joukasuru
konoshimeidakewa kanarazu tsuranukitoshitemiseru

konosekaiwo tsukurikaerunoda bibitaru akuwomoyurusanu seigide


The power I was given to judge anybody
From my judgement no one can escape

I won’t let anyone get away

Sinful ones do not deserve lives
I will complete my mission to purify this world, no matter what cost

I will re-make the world with the absolute justice

Part 2: The God Complex (Noyan)


Suffer at every choice
Soulless separation
Ending it as it's begun
There is no sign of life
There is no salvation
Choosing those who are worthy to live this day

Who is to say?
You create your own justice
There is no way that you can believe
What are you telling to the people you're sentencing
To the otherworld?

Suffer your own misfortune
Exit the God Complex
Write the names down
Pass your judgment

The lust for power turns you into a god
Or you might as well be one
So you think that you can judge
Your fellow man
And you will be the the light of this world

If you saw the frame of reference
For just an individual
We gather together and
Gain our free will from nothingness

Write down the names

Everyone who disagress with the ideal world
Is an infidel
They must be struck down
With great prejudice
To the otherworld

Suffer your own misfortune
Exit the God Complex
Write the names down
Pass your judgment


from Eventuality, released November 18, 2014
Guest vocals: Hayato Imanishi



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