Journey Through the Maelstrom Pt. 1 - Into the Maelstrom

by NYN

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This song is part 1 of a more progressive 4-part piece, so it's a bit out of character for regular NYN stuff. The album will be more like Eventuality overall, so don't worry!


Two travelers enter the maelstrom
Inside which they find reflections of the distance inflicted upon them
Cursing them forever to change.

Choices they've made, they cannot escape their past
Memories that shaped their psyche
When entered the Maelstrom they left behind

They can't evade the mirage of their past that casts a shadow
Unto their separation, as they close like a sea of darkness
As trials change them, they're shaped in different ways
Truth is, both, they're unrecognizable, two mirrors between them

Yet their song still brings them back
Blood drawn between them, forged in strife, inseparable

And so they journey into the maelstrom
As they enter the dark void they look to
The shadow of doubt within

And they walk towards the precipice
As the dark storm curls within
They look at each other and then take the step
Into the maelstrom


released January 20, 2016
Written by Noyan and Ali. Art by Rob Walden.


all rights reserved


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