Oppression Unsheathed

from by NYN

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Domination opens the road to perversion
Paved on the blood of subservience
Supplanting the need for oversight as it's cast aside

Flesh and sound of people, but with soul of fiends
Vampires of human dreams
As they conspire against their own kind sowing the seeds of

The downward spiral of the human species
and in time, the rest of the planet
A dire collision, society has ensured that those with power will bring

The downward spiral of the human species
and in time, the rest of the planet
A dying hope, these tears
The enlightened plead yet they are drowned in doctrine

Tyranny strengthening its grip as we choke into obedience
Settling into its throne fists clenched crushing all dissent

Sacrificed forced to lie to realize tunnel vision

All these years misled into a false sense of peace
Sustaining a false foundation

And then your eyes gaze upon light of truth and now you hope, with a new sense of life

As time has shown every rule comes to an end
be it just, cruel or inert
And sometimes the people will assert their own freedom
and they will prosper through adversity

That being said, this comes with the price of revolution
Tearing out the roots that drain
A cause that animates change is worth dying for
Overthrowing leeches of mirth is worth fighting for

See through the lies and take up arms
Do not fear the vultures, for they depend on your suffering cries
Ultimately powerless, they'll shrivel and die

Pathetic, weak, lies and deceit their weapons of controlling

Our will won't die even if our body crumbles
Traitors to your own kind, we won't forget your crime
Blood is a pact that binds, not a way to profit and hide
Contempt and neglect towards entreaties of the masses will never slide
Struggle to suppress the truth but the truth can never die

Avarice, malignance and force can only take one so far
Underestimation of the drive of defiance
Disparage dissenters as boorish
and be on the receiving end of the sword of the exploited
As it decapitates you


from Eventuality, released November 18, 2014



all rights reserved