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Entropy: Of Chaos And Salt

by NYN

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Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? The bass and guitar parts on Entropy are some of the wildest available in the tech-death world. So much so that listening to it in full is quite demanding. Everything hits you all at once and each track continually evolves and morphs throughout its short lifespan.
Full review: wp.me/p3mIfa-nTu
Onanjath thumbnail
Onanjath An improbable thing of violent beauty. Favorite track: Maelstrom.
Raymond Lewer
Raymond Lewer thumbnail
Raymond Lewer this is awesome & right up there with all the extreme metal bands. you can tell by listening to the 1st or 2nd so on Tracks that NYN have put a 110% into this album. it's got it's own special ingredient on all of the tracks. A must have for your metal collection. NYN YOU guys did it, I've said to much that I'm speechless now. HORNS UP TO NYN!!!
Karlo thumbnail
Karlo Technical. Over the top. Frenetic. Progressive. Chaotic. Diverse. Entropy is a supremely well crafted record encompassing each of these attributes. An AOTY contender pulling from genres and influences all over the musical spectrum, this is a must listen for fans of technical and progressive death metal Favorite track: Omnipotence Paradox.
wayne-the-devil thumbnail
wayne-the-devil This is the best Technical Death Metal album of 2017 thus far..and unless a band drops an album that reinvents the wheel, it will be the best of the year period. Brilliant stuff Favorite track: Maelstrom.
Travis Statham
Travis Statham thumbnail
Travis Statham If you can keep up, keep up. Favorite track: Embrace Entropy.
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Towards an understanding The principal question Posed Aeons ago Proposals constructed through folly Models built upon a black void Dialectic self-sustaining to feed circles endlessly The emptiness in the core of us all Demanding sustenance and driving mutual Annihilation The philosophers congregate to resolve an eternal catechism To determine what will feed the endless craving: Is there value to existing at all? Logos, Pathos, Ethos One proposal: virtue Live and do as an offering Strive for an ideal The notion of a preordained potential Be it a sovereign good Or abstract principles of morality Fundamentally absurd, as perception dictates The veil draped upon bare stardust Is a chemical glitch of sentimentality Nay, it is self righteousness and grandeur To assume the infinite gyrates to our rhythm That which is triangulated by geometric calculation That which is aligned by cognition and conscience That which is revealed by the heavens Yet the immolation will ravage it all And in the void of the fire, darkness persists Existence justifying itself as delight To think desire is deceit Hedonistic yet bizarre conceit To ascribe purpose to patterns of discord Painted on a canvas of bewilderment Is truly the absurdity abhorred Until the flame is kindled again Pull me in, push me through The cosmic machine churns as the infinite rotates I gaze into the center, the beginning, the ending I see a reflection, empty and unforgiving Embracing the pain of not knowing The darkness of no destiny The hopelessness of no pattern Yet within the void I am born anew Finding myself as viewed without refraction Without the smoke and mirrors of meaning With new perspective and optimism I step through the black hole and emerge anew
I just long for a world in which ordinary things are done in an ordinary way. Not in a society where your potential is predetermined Every action monitored to cast judgment, normalize Erase people based on metrics predictive yet defective A balance so fragile that I cannot stand to be measured for my thoughts If enough people are broken what will be the standard we’re judged against? The system must be felled Foul enforcement withheld Eviscerating to see what holds a mind together Flesh dissipating to see what a body is made of Normalization universal standards set in place by outliers Your paradox set in place by self imprisonment Omnipotence limited by fright She judges all but not herself Godlike being, but a shell Through a mirror she sees reflections of herself invisible Moral fibers weaved will always fray A mind designed around them can't sustain Shocked by faults that seeded her perfection Torn apart a heart untearable Locked inside a box from which she's exiled Mourn the loss, omnipotence's limit Almighty, all-knowing, boundlessly, all-seeing, Foolishly, unknowing, incomplete, flawed being Human hive imparts upon its user The anomalies that put to sleep supremacy Exiting the logic's ever futile Mind implicitly marred by society Boundlessly, all-seeing, almighty, all-knowing Foolishly, unknowing, incomplete, flawed being 全能の神の元へ 己の存在を裁けぬ存在に 全能の神の器はありはしない Avatar cut and torn Disemboweled, hollowed out with skill Systemic breaking point Terminal, total overkill Ultimate omniscience of no use Suffering assumed Exit state, God no more, doomed You cannot achieve salvation through programming apathy Drained of all hope, of all character Shattered divine prism refracts You the focal center of morality Which begs the question: how to judge thee?
To camouflage an agenda that disseminates Enmity and judgment In an attempt to cover for The self-delusion that plagues minds That have been torn at the root, torn asunder Some are naive, some are malicious To use the brush of devotion to paint lines blood-red between kin Boundaries built upon likeness, on tenderness Shattering what could have been the pillar of ages Implanting the seed of separation Collateral damage the main aspiration Propping up papier-mache mouthpieces Assertions built on falsities, misleading Entombing the axioms of reality in a tomb built aeons ago Justified actions of a clique constructed Propped up by an escherian web of contradictions Slaughter, exterminate, exsanguinate Terrorize the advancement of thought The bizarre consequence of a culture of apologia When the bastions of acumen stand up for false constructs Champion the indefensible, wrapped in a mask of righteousness Indignation, moralistic self-absorption Footprints embedded in blood, lead back to denial Reliance on inseminated thought The lack of agency and a scandalizing tendency
The swirling void of blackness of cosmic proportions Swallowing all refractions of hope Any semblance cast through unfolds The fabric of the scroll that contains all Written through with piercing quills of souls The ink with which we pen our fate Made of blood, writ on polished stone Carved out of stardust spawned from celestial death Of a body born out of pure chaos The death of the author of one’s own story Instrumentality with a lack of mentality A path constructed from nothing leading nowhere Running backwards in circles towards idols The default state converges into stillness eldritch But the path to take, infinitesimal yet incessant The particles that make us human bound to stray us apart We blame demons and gods Yet chaos knows no deity nor devil We construe based on manifestation For with lack of cogitation we can assume endless fabrication Exemplars of aspects propped up Mountains that change over time Sky… What your eyes can’t see, what your eyes can see Sun, water, flowers, Sky… Red hate Water flowing, Blood The smell of blood Man, soil, woman City, humans, angels, God Human creations The things I possess are a life and soul I am a vessel for a soul Entry plug, who am I? Myself? Me? Identity: very strange... it is melting I can no longer see myself My shape is fading I feel the presence Is there someone beyond?
Chaos purified by the salt The meaninglessness of it all, virtues of embracing chaos and getting free Break the texts, burn the statues Feeling the rush of trepidation drain you deeply When the stars look down upon you and see a reflection Nothingness coming from tranquillity Look to the saints you hold so dearly Passing through the portal leaving you behind so quickly The definition of ascension Called into question Set yourself alight As we look aside We sailors, we’re cosmic curators The fractals of nebulae won’t provide purpose Embrace entropy as you fall into the corners of the fourth dimension Submit to discord And so you soar through aeons unfolded Find your own destination within lack of destiny You end up where you begin The entropy was always within You only needed to look therein
The Hallway 03:29
Undulating pendulum Regurgitating instants Pain in loss of innocence Starborn Sunlight, settling, deceptive Darkness, ethereal, treacherous Blind man spins tales of surreal architectures Colors beyond cognizance come to light Dimensional construct Heresy of antiquity Seeking wounded psyches Torn apart Born in corners of cosmic rejection Seeking corridors, leading horrors, dimensional dissonance Creation of negation and void Eldritch, deific Prismatic and magnificent Descending into the five and a half minute hallway Surrounding the mind that can’t escape from the house of leaves Break into pieces Drown in blackness gaze from carved out eyes Doors opening closing lifelines climbing steps curled inwards Escheran Blue words highlight the minotaur’s deceit Prices paid in sanity structures unfold collapsing Lost inside the walls flayed Pain, desire, flesh, deconstruct Your only way outside is inside Reflect upon your existence minuscule The narrowness of the consciousness Irrelevant Consumed conceptually erased
Maelstrom 14:31
Part I: The Journey Inward Two travelers enter the maelstrom Inside which they find reflections of the distance inflicted upon them Cursing them forever to change. Choices they've made, they cannot escape their past Memories that shaped their psyche When entered the Maelstrom they left behind They can't evade the mirage of their past that casts a shadow Unto their separation, as they close like a sea of darkness As trials change them, they're shaped in different ways Truth is, both, they're unrecognizable, two mirrors between them Yet their song still brings them back Blood drawn between them, forged in strife, inseparable And so they journey into the maelstrom As they enter the dark void they look to The shadow of doubt within And they walk towards the precipice As the dark storm curls within They look at each other and then take the step Into the maelstrom Part II: The Ignorance of the Gatekeeper Soldier on your kind will not be welcome You cannot be here This realm is of no consequence to your kind The subhuman tendencies of unrefined filth We built these temples, built these shrines purified our blood and wiped out slime Still we struggle among ourselves to establish castes, purity To impose our fratricide self defined Unfragmented malevolent criticism For the tribalism of the lands of self dynamism Lacking the awareness of the seed makes the heart untangle from abasement The walls built around the hollow flame, flesh strewn across prickled, weak The maelstrom was supposed to take us to a place more advanced, more refined Yet the gate is guarded like a flower steps away from wilting Our lands are different yet in the eyes of the tempest we are all the same Yet the price we pay to enter is a soul too high The end of unity is nigh Cold Part III: The Skinrender To forge desire, the affection that goes skin deep The cuts come deep, slashing across the eyes that turn inwards Salt the wounds burn the pus away Sacrificed to the altars gazed upon by disaffected eyes A body disconnected lies inside Crushed by pressures demanding a stride Propped up empty veins draining life force from society Crush them claw their eyes out skin them alive Have no fear we shall grant them no rest Heaven abandoned us all so we will never forget Their time has come The skinrender arrives, time to take its toll Price of flesh paid in the currency of fake propensity Cast your semblance aside Leave your flesh behind To decide what the worth of one’s soul is I weigh it against void of a black hole The trials complete, the verdict is drawn in fire When the flesh is flayed, your core displayed, there’s nothing inside You trudge forward, an empty facade Actualization of empathy denied A carcass mirrored in bloodred collages Splayed across clouds in a collective mirage No one hears when you scream Part IV: The Exemplars Drowned by insight Hunted all through the night Blood engines churn alight Pursue the beast inside Pale of blood we hunt into the night Alive, the ancient curse When we rise the moon will consume The gods will look upon us and descend The seers will mislead Healers will concede Cutting slashing blood is gushing Darkness consumes blinding seething Whips out lashing umbilical cord tying into dreams and burning Down the church of nightmares hunting larvae giving birth to elder gods in cycles timeless Serpents endless spiders vacuous orphans nameless martyrs lifeless Cosmos seeking entry into our realm with the birth of emissaries eyeless shadows soulless Marks of those who fell to the thirst, runes of power bestowing Perversities upon the beholders who transform into their own worst Enemies only to be blinded by the enlightened Biting into flesh seeking the path to sightless visions of the gods
To cede what was once the domain of self import Take back the day just do not sway you must find your way To not believe one’s own endlessness Nor in cycles What’s gone is gone, we’re dust to dust, so live the life you must Letting down the mantle swept in time echoing halls beckoning fall New powers arise A specter’s misfortune, tortured facade Flesh wrapped in dreams piercing the sky through the night Peering through the veil in our eyes Scraping through the bounds of the room where we die Give birth to stars Collapse when the sun of realization dawns through blind eyes A conceit one cannot aggrandize For fear of upsetting the tides Isolate and extirpate the scars When you find the tower of declination Look within to find the alchemy you seek in transformation Save your senses from the fracturing point of deformation Cracking sounds from the walls of the heart Deemed unfit for weathering the waves of doubt that drown Isolate and extirpate the scars The weight lifted as you walk ashore Rebirth inflicted upon the undying Time amortized Resounding implications vandalized Wrap around gather forth Let me tell a tale of thorns Basked in flames burning hearts Looking nowhere shattered waltz By design we align Building constructs to divide Intricacies of judgments unnavigable Building towards a collapse and rebirth A solemn center emanates The seed of change, of flames, our chains Recreated hierarchies recurse and deteriorate Entropic decay converges to reprieve inconceivable Starborn dark sun ashen cradle demands free will emancipates In this new world not one ruler lays a claim on the void within And then the new flames arise Taken away by the new tides Ceded the domain of self important natures to cycles Took back the days without a sway and found my own way Forgot my endlessness let the ashes consume I found the answer whence I started, it was my wound: entropy


Noyan would like to thank:
Merve, for being everything to me. Ali, for bringing me to where I am today. Jimmy and Tom - without you this album would have been nothing. Ahmed, CJ, Brandon, Hayato, Christian, for all your contributions and support. Niklas Sundin for the awesome art. Tommy, Eden, Kyle, Colin and everyone else who listened to me and believed in me. Brian Shields, for being a NYN fan until the end. Rest in Peace.
Jimmy would like to thank his family, friends, fans, and fellow musicians.
Tom would like to thank:
Steinberg Audio, Soultool Customized Guitars, GoodTone Pickups, Engl Amplification, Winspear Picks UK, Loxx.


released August 11, 2017

Noyan Tokgözoğlu: Vocals, guitars, programming
Jimmy Pitts: Keys, Seaboard, Theremin, additional arrangements
Tom ”Fountainhead” Geldschläger:Guitar solos, oud, mixing, mastering

Additional personnel:
Maelstrom also written by Ali Mete
The Hallway also written by Ahmed Hasan
Solo on The Hallway by Christian Münzner
Additional vocals on Omnipotence Paradox by C.J. Jenkins and Hayato Imanishi
Solo on Maelstrom Part II by Brandon Morris
Label: Vmbrella


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