The Anachronist

by NYN

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Tempest, the skies part as far eyes can see Killing humans, weakened, severed, bleeding endlessly The end of the world in my hands Now the world will all be covered in eternal sands Wretched, be watching, the watching legacy Closely, in waiting it stalks its prey Trapped in prison for ten thousand years Returning to take what was his own back, Ynareth Take all your vengeance and cast it out your heart Released from eternal sleep Cast away Release me Humans, they all will be sentenced to exsanguination Decapite, defile their remains Wretched malice towards all life Destroying everything in its path Now the world will all be covered in eternal sands
Ynareth: Insolent wretch, vermin, waste of oxygen Cleansing time is now Your flesh will be rended Your hearts will be boiled in your chests Nomad: Obsolete tyrants, your reign is archaic, anachronistic Your will is dead and gone This world is ours now It is built by our sweat and our blood We will not give it back Ynareth: This world was ours before your kind You have no claim to this place Nomad: We will fight for our land Our blood in the soil and our pain in the silence of history's shameful story Of man fighting man and of treacherous murder But we will stand together And together make our stand in this world Believe in yourself, not because you believe in me Not because I have faith in you Believe in your faith for yourself Ynareth: We will crush your faith in each other You will never see the sun rise again Now we'll show you what you called your gods Your soul's owned by the destroyer Nomad: We have endured eons against your cruel will Even if you destroy our flesh we will still transcend Ynareth: Abject malice destroying everything The earth will part and swallow all you've ever built We will burn every sense of each vile human leech Stars will rain down on you The dead will rise with hunger for meat The dead: Masters, we are unlife We stand here in succor We turn towards former brethren and we devour Nomad: Hold on to your arms and fight for your life We will not fall We will fight till the end The galactic consumption engine: Planetery consumption engaged, target: Earth Estimated time until complete annihilation: 3 days Day 1: Atmospheric contamination Day 2: Geological disintegration Day 3: Core energy extraction Chance of survival of indigenous species: Too small to compute First phase: disable retaliative technologies Begin executing first phase in 3... 2... 1 Ynareth's pantheon: Servants, know your place How dare you defy the gods Who gave you life We'll take it back And we will crush your kind Nomad: My men won't fall to you We are sustained by willpower Even in our deathbeds we won't give up Ynareth: Your kind was made to serve this world You process neither will, nor resolve, nor reason You are just a prey We brought them down to their last stand Narrator: The land weeps in pain The man dies in vain Is this the end of the story? Only one army remains Led by the nomad, they fight in their last stand Ynareth: Crush their kind They're down to their last stand Nomad: My men, my brethren, my family This is our last stand We will fight here There is no tomorrow Don't think about the past This is the only moment we have to save our world Gather your weapons Gather your pain Gather your hate From the ashes of defeat is born resolve Are you ready? Are you willing to die? Who the hell do you think we are?! Upturned battle, break through space and time We'll kill the gods and we will make our own fate This battle won't be lost We'll conquer this world and we will survive


released November 27, 2012

All material written by Noyan Tokgozoglu, except Jotun written by Strömblad/Gelotte of In Flames, Conquering Worlds written by Noyan Tokgozoglu and Ali Mete.
All instruments performed by Noyan Tokgozoglu, except bass on Wormhole Oasis and solo on Ynareth by Tre Watson.
Artwork by Dead Crown Design.
Produced by Tre Watson.


all rights reserved


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