Spirit of the Forest

from Equivalence (Remastered) by NYN

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Do you remember
When it all used to be so simple?
When the innocence of our dreams
Was incorruptible?

There was a place where we were sheltered
from the darkness

Then we had to grow out into the cold machines that churn like a disease
upon our spark losing our touch with what made us unique

Now to relive the spirit of the forest
To become whole again like we used to

The pain was numb back then
It was there but we couldn’t perceive it
As it choked our breath
Like vines of corruption seeping within
We used to listen to the song of the wind
Feeling the breath of our souls within

Now we need so much from our surroundings
Satisfaction chained by a million bindings

Do you remember
When the song spoke to you
And the swans carried you?

Is your soul so charred and black
that you can’t find your way back

We’ll sing and dance
Just like old times
With no care or conscience
Just serenity in the forest


from Equivalence (Remastered), released January 19, 2020



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